Techno-Economics, Industrial Standards and Future Trends in OWC


Chair: Giorgio Maria TOSI BELEFFI

Vice-Chair: Antonio L. J. TEIXEIRA


Nowadays, telecom related free space optical technologies, are used mainly to connect two near buildings, to serve radio stations (LTE or Wi-Max) or to fast setup of limited time networks. FSO is also used in disaster recovery but nowadays its potential is not completely exploited. Indoor applications, remote sensing, ultra broad band fully passive telecom plants interconnections, marine or deep space communications are just few of the topics that today can be considered close to the optical wireless arena. Thus becomes crucial to analize the market needs&trends, to understand the roadmap for FSO and in general Optical Wireless Communications&Applications. The Special Interest Group on “Techno economics, industrial standards and future trends in OWC” , aka TESEO, will focus its activity on the analysis of following areas:

  • business and market issues related to OWC;
  • international standard bodies activities [ITU, ETSI, FSAN, WWRF, @ alt] related to OWC
  • education and influence on the decision makers at all levels of the OWC market chain
  • Lead trends in emerging OWC applications

The activity will be conducted in a proactive way by circulating materials and documents in order to create, from the very start, a stimulating discussion on the optical wireless technology and the related impact on the digital society, strictly connecting the COST IC1101 lines with the 2020 Digital European Agenda. Four key targets have been up to today defined in order to accomplish the main activities previously listed. Deep and direct relationships have to be taken into account for:

  • Industries & Firms
  • Other Cost Actions
  • EU Projects (FP8, Horizon2020)
  • Standardization Bodies





1. OPTICWISE becomes an Associate Member of the 5G PPP.


2. OPTICWISE participates in the preparation of new IEEE standart on OWC.


3. IWOW 2014 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.


4. OPTICWISE Chair to Give Keynote Speech at BlackSeaCom Conference.


5. IWOW 2013 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.

6. COST IC1101 OPTICWISE Action World Record: A FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s (see more details on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013). 


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