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Title: Professor

First Name: Zabih (Fary)

Last Name: Ghassemlooy

Affiliation: Northumbria University, UK

Web site:


Research area and interests

  • Optical Wireless Communications
    • Channel modelling
    • Modulation schemes
    • Cellular systems
  • Free Space Optics
    • FSO for Ground-to-Train Communications
    • FSO channel modelling
    • FSO link characterisation under fog, smoke and turbulence conditions
    • FSO link characterisation considering pointing error
    • MIMO and diversity schemes for FSO
    • Polarisation shift keying
  • Hybrid FSR and RF
  • Visible Light Communications
    • MIMO
    • Solid state and organic LEDs and photodetector
    • Dimming and data communications
    • Visible Light Communications for Cars
  • Radio of Fibre and Radio over FSO
  • Photonic Switching
  • All optical logic gates


Research Facilities

  • We have three dedicated research laboratories with the state of the art optical and electrical test and measurement equipments up to 40GHz – See

    • Indoor atmospheric chamber
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generator- Tektronics,  25 MHz & 240 MHz
    • Signal Generator - up to 240 MHz,
    • Agilent CW Signal Generator, 20GHz, 40 GHz
    • Vector Sig. Gen. -  Agilent 250 kHz to 6 GHz
    • Oscilloscope
      • Tektronics:  200MHz, 350 MHz,
      • Agilent: 6 GHz Bandwidth, 40 GSa/s sample rate; 200 MHz Bandwidth, 1 GSa/s sample rate; 65-80 GHz 4 channel; 380 MHz bandwidth, 4 GSa/s, 4 channel; 2.5 GHz bandwidth, 20 GSa/s, 4 channel
    • Optical Spectrum Analyser.- Agilent Wavelength range 600nm to 1700nm, accuracy 0.5 dB
    • Signal analyser – 10-26.5 GHz; 10 Hz – 7 GHz
    • Bit Rate Multiplier - Bit rate multiplication x2, x4, x8 and x16 of the input bit rate, wavelength range 1530 to 1565 nm
    • Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier
    • Pico Second High Speed Fibre Laser
    • Laser diode drivers – 3000/6000 mA
    • Newport 0-6 A, 5 VDC, ±0.09 A resolution 505B
    • Newport 0-500 mA, 7 VDC ±0.05 A resolution
    • Fog generator;
    • Smoke generator
    • Optical benches
    • Optical components
  • Software
    • Agilent VSA; Matlab, MathCAD, LabView and others




4 books; over 150 journals; 7 book chapters, over 270 conferences


International collaboration


With many institutions including, USA, France, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Iran, Czech  Republic, Taiwan, S Korea, Romania, Egypt,  etc.


Contact Information

Optical Communications Research Group

Faculty of Engineering and Environment

Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, UK

Tel: +44(0)191 227 4902,Fax:+44(0)191 227 3684

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





1. OPTICWISE becomes an Associate Member of the 5G PPP.


2. OPTICWISE participates in the preparation of new IEEE standart on OWC.


3. IWOW 2014 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.


4. OPTICWISE Chair to Give Keynote Speech at BlackSeaCom Conference.


5. IWOW 2013 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.

6. COST IC1101 OPTICWISE Action World Record: A FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s (see more details on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013). 


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