Title: Associate Prof.

First Name:Stanislav

Last Name:Zvanovec

Affiliation:Czech Technical University in Prague




Research area and interests


· Free-Space Optics

o propagation aspects for indoor and outdoor links/systems

o diversity techniques

· Fiberoptics – nonlinear optics, all-optical packet switching

· Millimeter/submillimeter/terahertz propagation, systems and technology

· Propagation of electromagnetic waves


Research Facilities


· Four wireless optical links at 850 nm (for links deployment see Fig.1)

· FlightStrata G by LightPointe (link B, 450 m, four-beams , 1.25 Gbps of full-duplex, VCSEL at 850 nm

· 2 x WaveBridge 500 by Plaintree (first at link A, 120 m, of 850 nm, data rate 150 Mbps (OC-3); second – link B - now reinstaled)

· MRV TereScope 700/155 (link C, 390 m)

· Backup RF link Mikrotik RB600A (link B) with miniPCI cards, frequency of 5 GHz, data rates up to 54 Mbps.

· Microwave radiometer (working frequency range between 10.95 - 12.75 GHz)

Description: mapa3

Fig. 1.Deployment of the FSO Links and Weather Sensors;

· Two meteorological stations WS981 located in the middle of links and at one end of link A recording the temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitations (heated tipping bucket rain gauge with the collecting area of 500 cm2, and the rain amount per one tip 0.1 mm), and the speed and direction of the wind.

· Temperature gradient is measured using a system of 10 thermal sensors equidistantly spaced at the first quarter of the free-space optical link A

· New laboratories for beam optics and non-linear fiber optics

o Beam profiler Spiricon SP620U (190 - 1100nm) with program BeamGage

o Sources at 850 nm, 1300nm, He-Ne lasers, collimators, power meters, holders, mirrors etc.

o New Span Leok3 experimental kit

o Scanning spectrometer Sandhouse SIR 1700 VIS-NIR – spectral range 400-1700 nm

o Spectrum Analyzer YOKOGAWA AQ6370C

o Nonlinear fibers, femtosecond fiber laser, EDFA, SOA, filters etc.

· In near future:

o In mid-July 2012 – installation of the visibility sensor Vaisala PWD 20

o In 2013, there is planned an extension for sensing towards mid-infra (approx. 3-5 um) – acquisition to sources and spectrum analyzer to this band


· A propagation simulation tool to study a performance of whole FSO terrestrial and HAP networks under different signal propagation conditions especially rain attenuation and scattering and with various system configurations has been developed in C++ (can be rewritten to Matlab codes).

Measurement Database

· Rain database - data taken from a modern weather radar network (CZRAD) consisting of two state-of-the-art Doppler C-band weather radars, which cover the entire area of the Czech Republic with volume scans of up to 256 km in range. Radar images in form of rain intensity Rfor areas with dimensions form 50 x 50 km to 250x250 km (rain rate distributions with 1 km grid resolution and 1 min time steps) - over 1.5 million scans from years 2002-2005.

· Measured statistics - WaveBridge since August 2009, Lightpointe since January 2011, data from radiometer, meteo stations…


Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Czech Technical University in Prague

Technicka 2, 16627 Praha, Czech Republic

Phone: +420224 355966 , Mobile: +420 723901497

Fax: +420 233 339 958

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype address: standa_zvanovec




1. OPTICWISE becomes an Associate Member of the 5G PPP.


2. OPTICWISE participates in the preparation of new IEEE standart on OWC.


3. IWOW 2014 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.


4. OPTICWISE Chair to Give Keynote Speech at BlackSeaCom Conference.


5. IWOW 2013 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.

6. COST IC1101 OPTICWISE Action World Record: A FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s (see more details on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013). 


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