Title: Dr.

First Name: Dan

Last Name: SPOREA

Affiliation: National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (NILPRP)




Research area and interests

The Laser Metrology and Standardization Laboratory was established 15 years ago and its main focus is on the evaluation of laser and optical fiber-based systems and on the use of laser radiation for metrological purposes. The Laboratory’s team was involved for more than 7 years in the evaluation of semiconductor laser, optical radiation detectors and optical fibers degradation under ionizing radiation. Tests were carried out under gamma-ray, electron and proton beams, and neutron flux. In the last three years the Laboratory coordinated at national level a research project investigating radiation effects in multimode optical fibers. This May the team placed itself on the first place on the national contest of research projects, under the field of information and communication technologies. The subject of this proposal is related to the development of distributed sensors for radiation monitoring.

Research Facilities


· The Laboratory has various equipments for semiconductor lasers control and monitoring (laser diode driver and temperature controller), equipments for optical fibers and optical fiber systems characterization (mini spectrometers from 200 nm to 2300 nm, optical spectrum analyzers, OTDRs at different wavelengths, single and multi-channel wavelength meters, tunable laser sources, polarization measurement and control devices for free space and optical fiber propagation, FBGs interrogator). Another infrastructure which could be of interest for the COST consortium is related to vibration metrology using a 3D scanning laser vibrometer. The system can help the investigations of electronic boards and other assembles subjected to vibration and other mechanical stress.

· We have access through our partners to irradiation facilities: electron, proton, alpha particle beams, neutron from a Cyclotron and a research nuclear reactor, gamma and X-rays, and to a X-ray microtomography installation

· Most of the tests can be run in situ, in some cases we run evaluation of component degradation during irradiation and heating.


· Licence for NI LabVIEW software

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Atomistilor St. 409, Magurele, RO-077125, Romania

Phone: +40745759545

Fax: +404574243

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype address: N/A





1. OPTICWISE becomes an Associate Member of the 5G PPP.


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4. OPTICWISE Chair to Give Keynote Speech at BlackSeaCom Conference.


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6. COST IC1101 OPTICWISE Action World Record: A FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s (see more details on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013). 


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