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Wireless transmission via optical carriers opens doors of opportunity in areas as yet largely unexplored. Offering significant technical and operational advantages, optical wireless communication (OWC) can be, in some applications, a powerful alternative to and, in others, complementary to existing radio frequency (RF) wireless systems. Variations of OWC can be employed in a diverse range of communication applications ranging from very short-range (on the order of millimetres) optical interconnects within integrated circuits to satellite links (larger than 10,000 kilometres). In many respects, OWC research is still in its infancy and calls for extensive research to begin to harness the enormous potential of the optical spectrum.

The aim of COST Action OPTICWISE is to increase the scientific understanding and technical knowledge of the emerging field of OWC by exploring and developing novel methods, models, techniques, strategies and tools in infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectral bands that will facilitate the implementation of future generations of OWC systems. The resulting high-performance, high-reliability, ultra-fast, power-efficient, and low-cost OWC systems are envisioned as an indispensable part of a future wireless eco-system. OPTICWISE will help establish OWC as a mature communication technology and present a powerful alternative and/or complement to existing technologies in a diverse range of communication applications.

Besides enabling scientific advances in the emerging field of OWC, OPTICWISE will also serve as an internationally recognized reference point through capacity building of OWC stakeholders. It will increase awareness of OWC in the scientific community and the general public. It will influence decision makers at national and international levels through the participation in standards bodies and international forums. It will also provide training opportunities for graduate students and early-stage researchers (ESRs) in the OWC field.

More information about OPTICWISE can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding (download).




1. OPTICWISE becomes an Associate Member of the 5G PPP.


2. OPTICWISE participates in the preparation of new IEEE standart on OWC.


3. IWOW 2014 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.


4. OPTICWISE Chair to Give Keynote Speech at BlackSeaCom Conference.


5. IWOW 2013 Workshop Proceedings are now available at IEEExplore! All papers can be accessed through this link.

6. COST IC1101 OPTICWISE Action World Record: A FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s (see more details on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013). 


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